Best Instant Tea Premix Powder in India for Vending Machines,

Amazon and Atlantis Brand of Tea Instant Tea Premix Powder. Made with 100% natural ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors, this tea powder offers a refreshing and authentic taste. It’s also quick and easy to prepare, making it ideal for vending machines.

Amazon Instant tea premixes are suitable for vegetarian. These 3-in-1 Instant Tea premixes are a blend of tea, milk and sugar. So, with the Amazon Tea premix, there is no need to add any extra tea, milk or sugar. You can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee instantly, which tastes just like homemade tea.

Choose from our popular cardamom, ginger and masala tea premixes or from the other variants on offer. Or use dairy whitener along with a tea bag of your choice.

Packed in 1kg sachets ideal for hot beverage vending machines, these premixes are made using best quality ingredients in our ISO22000:2018 certified manufacturing facility incorporating the latest technologies. Our experience in manufacturing and packing of tea and coffee premixes dates back from last 25 years, making us one of the first such manufacturers in the country.

We have now been exporting tea premix powder to more than 30 countries across the world since the past 15 years. The world over, we are know for our consistent quality, meeting the expectations of our long standing customers, who keep coming back to us with repeat orders and also for new products. Till date, we have sold 16 million kilos+ of premixes.

In India, the Amazon range of tea and coffee premixes can be obtained through our nationwide dealer network. We have a loyal base of satisfied customers who have been buying our products for their office tea and coffee vending machines from many years together. Our range of products will give you enough choice to select the product that suits your taste.

Also try our Amazon Tomato Soup Premix for vending machines, for the taste of real tangy tomatoes in a hot refreshing cup.

We also have a range of tea premixes in single serve sachets to make individual cups. These are ideal for quickly preparing a cup of refreshing tea while traveling, or when you just need one quick cup without the hassle of elaborate preparation. Just add hot water!