Atlantis Water Dispenser Hot and Cold Floor Standing with Cooling Cabinet (Fridge) for Office, Home and Commercial Establishments.

Atlantis is a leading brand of water dispensers hot and cold in India. Having been in the business for over 25 years, we have a nationwide distribution network.

Our Water Dispensers are ideal for small offices and large corporate establishments, cafeterias & canteens at hospitals, schools, colleges, shops or other types of commercial establishments.

The Atlantis range of water dispenser have gained immense popularity across India and are the preferred choice among small and large industrial establishments, as well as all types of corporates and offices.

You can even use them in your home – for hot Normal and cold water. These sturdy and reliable machines are affordable and easy to use and maintain. Some of the models are available with cooling cabinets – a small fridge at the bottom to keep your food and bottled drinks cold.

We Have Many In-House Water Dispensers Brands Namely

Atlantis Blue, Atlantis Prime, Atlantis Big Plus, Atlantis Jumbo, Atlantis Super and Atlantis Air Press. These water dispensers are available in two options, Hot and Cold Water Dispenser and the other is Hot, Normal and Cold Water Dispenser.

The water storage capacity in terms of hot water and cold water varies between different models, with Atlantis Blue being most suitable for small office, Atlantis Prime being suitable for Small and Medium Office, Atlantis Big Plus being suitable for medium size office, and for large offices we have Atlantis Jumbo Plus and Atlantis Super.

The Water Dispenser Machine are available in 3 Variants namely Table Top, Floor Standing and Floor Standing with Cooling Cabinet (Fridge).

Atlantis Table Top Water Dispenser is in top loading format i.e. a water Bottle of 20 Liters has to be placed on this machine to dispensing water.

The table top variant is available in brands namely Atlantis Prime, Blue and Air Press.

Amongst the brands, Atlantis Blue TableTop Water Dispensers is available in 2 Tap options, i.e. Hot & Cold water option, where as the Atlantis Prime model and the Air Press model is available in 3 Tap options i.e. Hot, Normal and Cold Water options.

Atlantis Floor Mounted Water Dispenser range with hot, normal and cold water dispensing feature with refrigerator and storage cabinet options.

Atlantis Floor Standing Water Dispenser are the top selling variant amongst the water dispensers.

This variant is available in different brands namely Atlantis Prime, Blue, Air Press, Big Plus, Jumbo Plus and Super.

Different brands represent the efficiency of the water machine, which were designed keeping in mind the machines potential use in small offices and large corporate establishments.

Atlantis Water Dispenser with Fridge/Cooling Cabinet has added the benefit of Fridge in the machines.

Our range mostly consists of top loading water dispensers, which were introduced in 3 formats i.e. TableTop, Floor Standing and Floor Standing with Fridge.

Water Dispensers with Fridge is available in different brands namely Atlantis Prime and Atlantis Sky.

Through the years, we have researched and innovated, bringing to you various models of Atlantis Automatic Touchless Water Dispenser which are affordable, while being feature packed for convenience and also easy to operate and maintain.